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  • Ahnaf An Nafee

Second Alpha Out

The team collaborated together to publish a refined Level 1. We improved upon multiple aspects like UI, music as well as recreating Level 2.

This week, I UV'd all models within Scene 1 to ensure they have consistent text density. This helped me light map the scene properly as incorrect texel density was causing multiple bugs in the project. I also added an alpha build of the player HUD that includes objectives and a new health bar. The objectives will be tweaked to show different colors based on completion.

Fixing thee UV's also fixed some shadow issues with the models.

Next in line for me would be to enhance the experience further by tweaking the existing pause and next level screen. Robert will continue working on the title and controls screen. I also plan to add fog within the environment so will have to look into that without breaking the existing code base.

Revamping the tutorial will take a bit longer as we are still working on the starfox style dialog popups. We expect to deliver it fully next week.

Finally, I also created a capsule like death barrier for level 1 but for some reason, the shader that we were using looks too opaque when applied to the newer model. Normally, it starts to materialize when the player is near it. I will have to check the shader code for it to fix this.

Hours worked: ~13 hrs

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