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  • Ahnaf An Nafee

Revamp to Sci-Fi UI

The team worked arduously this week to publish a polished beta. We continued cleaning up Level 1 as well as adding missing VFX like for the dummy enemies. New models were added to Level 2 too as well as VFX for the electric barrier.

This week, I worked on overhauling the old UI and making it reflect the theme of the game. As I mentioned in my previous PPJs, the UI is inspired from Cyberpunk 2077 as you will see in the screenshots below. I also worked on fixing the several bugs reported in our playtest surveys and also tweaked different game settings to ease the difficulty. The previous difficulty was too high for newcomers, so I reduced enemy health as well increased the amount of damage incurred from the ammo drops.

From the programming side, I added a functional objective system into the game that strikes through tasks once they are complete. Also, I added a UI camera to achieve a fish eye effect to it and it helped make the game look more polished than ever.

On the art front, all the assets in the new UIs were done by me except for the logo. I also ensured the UI was compatible with wider screens.

1. Main Menu

2. Controls UI (Inspired from Cyberpunk 2077)

3. Pause UI (on the left just like Cyberpunk - I liked their UI okay!)

4. Settings UI within Pause

5. Next Level UI (Inspired from Ghostrunner - awesome game by the way)

6. Objective System

Hours worked: ~20 hrs

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