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  • Ahnaf An Nafee

Ramping up to Release 1.0

So we are at Week 9 now. I'm very proud of how the team have come along over the course of the quarter. We have completed all the outstanding deliverables except polishing level 3 for the final conclusion.

This week I worked on fixing the UI based on the feedback I received from the beta preview as well as from the play tests. So the look of the controls UI has been slightly tweaked. Also, the settings menu now included a slider for the master volume and it also features a variant of our game logo. I also addressed several bugs that we encountered over the week as well those reported in the play tests.

I made slight adjustments to the player camera, primarily adding camera shake upon damage. Also tweaked the camera collider a bit since the previous dampening felt awkward to players.

I added GUI elements for the new dash that Dylan implemented. The cutscene UI has also been revamped using the assets provided by Robert. Also, the special bullets should now be distinguishable by their color and particle effects on hit.

The final thing I worked on this week was designing the promotional website for our game. So if you click on the HOME button in the header, you'll be redirected to our promotional page that will feature the USPs of our game as well a carousel of gameplay screenshots.

1. New HUD

2. Dash in use

3. Textured portal

4. Master volume added

5. Cutscene Revamp

Hours worked: ~16 hrs

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